Why should you add colour to your home?

Why should you add colour to your home?

Colour is so important when creating your home and styling. Adding colour to your home is far from just adding some colours...It creates character, elevates your mood and helps increase your productivity. From creating a focal point to selecting mood-enhancing shades, what ever it may be adding colour will always be the most powerful, yet often underestimated, qualities in its ability to influence moods.

Colour has been used in home styling since way back.
1920's, Art Deco was in full swing (think Great Gatsby.) Using extravagant purples, blues and greens on fabric, tiles and print work. Colour was pretty much everywhere and used by everyone. 

Come to 1950's colours became pastel, light but more bold. All set-coloured rooms like a matching pink toilet, bath, sink and tiles which brough character and positive to the home after 1930's - 1940's War era.
1950s bright interior why use colour home decor

1960's to 1970's was BIG on colour and life! Funky multi-coloured mosaic tiles, dominant red decorative features and black and white cheque. 

Skip forward to today and colour is still widely used, but monochrome and beige aesthetics are the trend. However they don't have the benefits that colour brings to our body and soul.
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